Hey, thanks for stopping by, my name is Kyle. Currently a senior at Liberty University in the area of Business Marketing. Believer, musician, skater. Korea born, Jersey raised, adopted from Seoul, a Christ follower, musician, and occasional skater. I'm the bassist for Adalia, and on my off time enjoy a good skate sesh. This blog is a little taste of my hobbies, things I enjoy, and sometimes a bit of what's in my head.

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Never buying wine again, never.

Regardless, It’s been a pretty bad week in general. If you guys could lift some prayer up for me, it’d be much appreciated.

Sick and tired of people who go to shows to feed their anger and pride by spreading negativity. it’s upsetting that there’s a small group of people around that go to shows not to enjoy the music with people who have a similar taste, but to beat down guys and girls because they think they’re the “toughest” around. My minds tired of going to shows worrying if a fight will start because a hate crew’s picking on smaller kids. 

They try to hide in there numbers and what physical strength they do have, but 1. there will always be someone bigger, and 2. there will always be more people against what they’re doing in the scene then those who support the negativity. 

Bigots who delight in beating down on the weak is what ruined the hardcore and metal scene for me. I’ve been fed up, and I’m done. The possible last show is next week, and I’m not going to tolerate those few assholes in my local scene that enjoy throwing elbows into some teenaged girls or can with a clean conscious back hand kids just trying to have a good time.

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